Projects for the Children and Adults with Hearing Loss

Rotarians, Rotaractors and other Rotary connections who are passionate about helping children and adults with hearing loss reach their full potential have started a number of different projects on the individual, Rotary Club, District Designated Grant or Rotary International Grant/Global Grant basis that other Rotarians may wish to join or to learn from in order to create their own hearing projects.

Brief Description of Projects for Children and Adults with Hearing Loss Initiated by Rotarians and others connected to Rotary


If you join Rotarians for Hearing RAG as either a 3 year ($25) or Life ($100) Member and donate $75 for one high quality digital hearing aid for one ear,  then the Pleasant Valley Rotary Club Hearing Accessibility Project will match your donation for the other ear of a hearing loss child.

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Get In the Hearing Loop Projects

Hearing loop technology has been around since 1938! Hearing Loops are popular in the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands. They are spreading to North America and around the world.

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Help the Children Hear

Help the Children Hear provides hearing aid clinics and access to audiologists in emerging nations such as Argentina, Philippines and Dominican Republic to help children with hearing loss achieve their full potential.

In April, 2014 Rotarians for Hearing RAG’s Partnership Services connected Help the Children Hear and the Audiometry Program of Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation in the Dominican Republic and Audiologist, Jeane Singer so they fitted 188 hearing aids on 119 children and adults with hearing loss.

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Solar Ear Projects

Brazil Rotary Matching Grant  –  2011/2012 Solar Ear Matching Grant

Jean Hatfield of District 5180 Folsom (California) Rotary Club with assistance from Ellen Haggerty of District 7210 Pleasant Valley (New York) Rotary Club who found a Brazilian Rotarian, Luiz Ricardo Begosso through Rotary ITHF (International Travel and Hosting Fellowship) were able to help hearing impaired Brazilians from Candido Mota and Assis who needed but could not afford hearing aids receive 164 solar powered hearing aids allowing children to go to a regular school and adults to hear in their social lives  and be able to go to work.

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All Ears Cambodia School of Primary Ear Care and Audiology

All Ears Cambodia is a local aid agency that provides a unique service – working with newborns to the elderly-helping them to hear. The focus is on the weakest and hardest hit. Target communities include children with HIV or ones orphaned by AIDS, street children and former child laborers, women and girls rescued from human trafficking or domestic violence, physically disabled people and ones with sensory impairments, persons with leprosy, facio-cranial abnormalities and families of lowest income, internal refugees and victims of land mines.

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The Gift of Sound in China

The Gift of Sound was started by Shanghai Rotary Club founder, Frank Yih, to help the hearing impaired and deaf children in rural China.

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Moscow International Rotary Club Hearing Aid Project

The Rotary Club for Moscow International Hearing Aid Project for the Sergev Pasod Orphanage/School for the Deaf and blind delivered 14 digital hearing aids for the children on Oct. 23, 2012.

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The Ear Bus in Australia’s Northwest Outback

Why an Ear Bus? Because middle ear infections are so common and facilities to diagnose and treat them are very limited in Western NW Australia.

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Global Foundation for Children With Hearing Loss

The Global Foundation for Children With Hearing Loss aims to make a direct and lasting impact on the futures of thousands of deaf and hard of hearing children around the world by providing them with access to the technology, education and resources they need to become contributing members of society.

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