All Ears Cambodia Clinics and School of Primary Ear Care and Audiology

All Ears Cambodia has 2 main clinics (in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap) and a 3rd outpost in Prey Tralach in Battambang Province. Services include primary ear health care, audiology and hearing aid fittings, ear mold manufacture and ear health education. Just 8 clinicians serve 1.2 million hearing impaired Cambodians! It is an impossible task to serve that many potential patients. Many go unattended. To meet the need for more primary ear care and audiology health care workers, AEC started a school to train new workers. Currently the AEC School of Primary Ear Care and Audiology provide a 2 year theoretical studies/practical training covering:

Auditory and Speech Sciences (10%), Anatomy and Physiology (10%), Pathology and Primary/Secondary Ear Health Care(20%), Diagnostic Audiology and Pediatric Audiology (20%), Rehabilitative Audiology and Amplification Systems (20%), Environmental Audiology (5%), Psychosocial and Educational Audiology (5%) and Microbiology and Anti-microbial Therapy (5%) and General Professional Skills (5%).

Students are continually assessed in the clinical setting throughout their training. The aim of the course and the School is to bring together a combined local, regional and international guest faculty (many of these could be current or potential Rotarians whose motto is Service Above Self). The aim is to provide a wide-ranging pool of expertise in the fields of primary ear health care, otorhinolaryngology, audiology, acoustics, amplification systems and language therapy.

A range of teaching methods are used within the course. These include traditional seminars, tutorials, group work and problem based learning. They also plan to use interactive virtual learning environments. Students are involved in day-to-day clinics to develop their clinical skills and familiarize with clinical situations. Clinical time helps students to become more competent in PEHC and audiology procedures and in the development of interpersonal skills such as working in clinical teams and managing time. Assessments are varied and include examinations, essay writing, study questions, practicum, report writing, seminars and presentations. Examinations are set after each 6 monthly period with final examination papers taken after completion of the 2 year course.

Several Rotary Clubs are currently working on giving scholarships to needy AEC School students.  In May, 2013 District 7210 and the Pleasant Valley Rotary Club awarded one year scholarships to Phan Phearin and Ra Malyna. See attached bios.

There is also an opportunity to utilize Rotarian audiologists, ENT doctors and related professionals that might be willing to give up some time and volunteer. This would provide the chance to strengthen the faculty to offer a wide -reaching pool of expertise in those various disciplines.

For more information, email Ellen Haggerty at or Glyn Vaughan at or see All Ears Cambodia’s website