Your Hearing Rotary Action Group Member Benefits include:

International Humanitarian Hearing Aid Purchasing Program (IHHAPP)

IHAPP provides new high-quality, behind the ear (BTE) digital hearing aids to qualified Humanitarian Programs and Not for Profit Organizations with long term relationships with their clients/recipients. These very affordable hearing aids can be easily adjusted without additional equipment and are available for a wide range of hearing loss severity. They are not intended to be sold for profit or to compete with existing hearing aid distribution networks. Potential applicants complete an application for approval in this program. For more information,




The Rotary Action Group for Hearing is privileged to have access to  world leaders in specialist areas of hearing to help Rotarians plan impactful projects.   To be put in touch with an advisor please email

Name Profession Special knowledge and expertise
Dr Elaine Saunders

Academic, audiologist and biomedical engineer Hearing aids, diagnostic audiology,

technologybusiness development

Patricia Castellanos de Munoz Audiologist Education of the hearing impaired

Audiology – hearing aids, diagnostics, NHS, school screening, cochlear implant, bone conduction implant and hearing aids,

hearing conservation programs.

Dawn Doig Audiologist International experience

Hearing aids

Paediatric and adult audiology

Deaf education, implanted hearing devices, school screening service set up

Caitlin Barr Audiologist,

Academic and

Consumer audiologist leadership

Person centred hearing care

service design/co-design

Advocacy Edu/research

Mon Kalvin Lin and Jelo Gibas,

Rotary Club of Hearing and speech,


Audiologists, speech pathologists, ENT, Developmental paediatrician  

Thy have a caused based club

Dr John Thorne Trained teacher of hearing impaired children and adults

Trainer and   administrator

Evaluation and assessment

Experienced in teaching hearing impaired children and working with hearing impaired adults.  Training suppoprt workers and other teachers
Fred Marinus Project manager

Technical knowledge

Dr Nischal Pandey Medical Director
Dr Debra Fried Audiologist (AUD)
Dr Stefan Launer Scientist/Executive Global hearing Challenges, hearing care, Hearing aid technology

Perceptual consequences of

hearing loss

Shukri Abi Audiologist Diagnostics, cochlear implants, sudden hearing loss, paediatrics, general auditory rehabilitation
Kat Penno



Digital health expert

Teleaudiology specialist

Leading a team with the WA Challenge

Dr James Fielding


Medical doctor transitioned to Health tech and medical device company founder and CEO Innovator with expertise in Assistive Listening devices